Winter’s Ice and Sunshine Elegance

It feels warmer when the sun is shining and I love seeing the reflections of sunshine off the lake or through ice.

Sun shining through evergreen trees and naked trees in background with icicles hanging in foreground. Lake Superior is in distant lower back left and blue sky in upper right corner.Hanging out with winter and trying to make the most of it! How about you?

While winter offers challenges and sometimes bitter cold in the north country, there are opportunities to enjoy nature’s beauty and dazzling sunshine.Snow dusted tree trucks at angle in foreground with evergreens and sun shining on Lake Superior in background.



To me, it feels warmer when the sun is shining and I love seeing the reflections off the lake or through ice.Lake Superior in the midground with snow and ice covered tall grasses and a short crop of trees shrouded in ice. Distant mountain in background.

Lake Superior waves in the midground with a misty spray and snow and ice covered tall grasses and distant mountain in background.



Watching the waves and spray of Lake Superior work their artistry is amazing. Sometimes it takes awhile for the final product to be appreciated as with these spray covered iced grasses.Snow covered stark lilac bush with stone house behind it and sunshine peeking over rooftop along with other tree branches.

Springtime is when lilacs are at their best, but this 80 year old lilac offers winter charm with her snow covered adornment.





Stacked fire wood to left against Balsam Fir tree with a large burl. Wood and burl and snow dusted.

This Balsam Fir with burl also showcases a handsomeness complimented by the firewood and snow dusting.



Snow covered old truck with sign above it saying, "Village Ice Cream Hand Scooped." Street on right of picture.

While I enjoy the beauty and elegance Winter showcases, it is nice to have reminders of warmer weather like this vintage looking ice cream sign and truck. Do you enjoy any parts of Winter? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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