Spring in Northeast Minnesota

It was mid-April, and you never know what Northshore weather will bring. The rhubarb had already shown its red heads above ground and the lilac bushes had budded.

It was in the mid-forties when we arrived at the little stone house outside of Grand Marais, Minnesota and the sun was shining. Heating up the sauna was not such a chore as with the below zero temperatures of January. Little stone house with light snow and ice It was mid-April, and you never know what North Shore weather will bring.  Eight days later, we learned that winter was not ready to lose its grip.  It was 26 degrees, roads were slick, and trees looked beautiful with their ice sheen.  Thin ice sheets gave up their purchase on the roof and made their slow decent towards the final plunge to the ground.  Heavy sigh.

Thin sheet of ice slowly sliding off metal roof

The crashing waves of Lake Superior have been beautiful to hear and see. Their steady, heavy pounding has brought sand to our beach area.

Lake Superior Waves  — link to beautiful video

The winter storm advisory became a reality that brought a dusting of snow and the closing of schools due to hazardous roads.  Our little stone house sits in the middle of this winter bluster awaiting spring.  The rhubarb had already shown its red heads above ground and the lilac bushes had budded.  The huge mulch pile was useable even though there were still ice crystals in the upper part.  The woodstove is fired and we have three windows partially open to manage the temperature in the house.  We have temporarily halted the outdoor projects we had gotten an early start on, and are finding indoor projects to work on.  Hopefully winter is soon ready to let go and allow spring to quite teasing and finally take hold.  Here’s looking forward to lilac blooms and an up north rhubarb harvest.  What are you looking forward to with the arrival of spring?

Snowy Lake Superior shoreline

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