Historic Tiny Texas Jail

We love discovering “old stuff” that has some history behind it. This tiny Texas Jail in Bedias is one of many throughout Texas.

Bedias Jail picture
Do you ever just enjoy driving around to see what you can find? We do and as we were driving through Texas, we tripped across this small primitive jail. We love discovering “old stuff” that has some history behind it. Wanting to share this find with you, I took some pictures.

Bedias Jail plaque
It didn’t take too much googling to find a lot of information about the Bedias Jail. There is a website/blog tinytexasjails.com dedicated to documenting these tiny jails or calabooses all around Texas. William E. Moore is the author and a professional arachaeologist. There is detailed information on this website organized by county. Loads of reading and learning await you!

What interesting, out of the way historic sites have you tripped across?

Author: Cindy Avery

In our retirement adventures, we are always looking for great hamburgers, out of the way places of interest, and unique shopping opportunities. Here’s hoping this information will springboard you into some fun adventures of your own.

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