Backwoods Find Repurposed

Serving as a showpiece in my garden and a planter for Hens & Chicks gives the crock a beautiful, new purpose!

Broken crock hidden in the woods.

You never know what you will find on a walk in the woods.

In addition to nature, beauty, and critters you just might find something to repurpose.

Walking in the woods can bring lots of surprises and enjoyment. Catching a glimpse of a squirrel scurrying about. Tripping across a snake skin shed. Watching a turtle slowly moving through leaves and underbrush or even finding an empty turtle shell.Empty turtle shell on grass with brown leaves around in spots. Seeing a heron take flight or an eagle fly overhead. Watching ants going in and out of their hill going about their business. Seeing a water ripple from a fish breaking the surface of a pond. Red or blue wings as birds fly from tree to tree. Colorful flowers in bud or bloom are always a treat.Purple flowering tree branch with woods in background.

Sometimes, you trip across unexpected items in the woods like a deflated balloon tossed about by the wind. Blown garbage is not uncommon. Broken crock discarded in woods.Finding a large, cracked and abandoned butter churn crock in our woods was an unexpected surprise and a welcomed find. Standing broken butter churn crock found in woods.I knew that I would repurpose it with a spot in my garden.

So now this once useful crock that was broken and discarded is once again earning its keep. Serving as a showpiece in my garden and a planter for Hens & Chicks gives the crock a beautiful, new purpose!Broken butter churn crock found in woods and repurposed in mulched garden with Hens & Chicks placed in several spots.

Whether you have a backwoods find, a thrift store bargain, or the garage sale deal of the day, get busy thinking on how you can put it to good use in your yard or garden. Repurposing  or upcycling can be a creative outlet that brings satisfaction. What ideas or items do you have for repurposing? Do you have favorite items you’re on the lookout for?Purple flowers with their greenery in wooded setting.

Author: Cindy Avery

A lifelong learner retired from education encouraging others in their learning journey. Creator of #backroadtracks

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