Fabulous All You Can Eat Fish Fry

The Bucket offers “wet” or “dry” All You Can Eat Fish on a Friday night. This hometown Bar and Grill is definitely worth a stop!

Ma Bucket’s PlaceFried fish dinner with , tartar sauce and bread.

104 Coldwater Street

Union City, Michigan

Venue: The exterior façade of “The Bucket” does not reflect the phenomenal food and service you encounter on the inside.  Very casual Bar and Grill with hometown atmosphere.

Atmosphere: Homemade lumber tables, banquet chairs, Keno, bar, and dancing floor.  Staff are welcoming.

Food Fare: Phenomenal food and service!  Fish and pizza are fabulous.  Fried mushrooms are nice and crispy (pictured below).

Plate of fried mushrooms

Recommendation: Be sure to try the All You Can Eat Fish (“A.U.C.E. Fish”) on a Friday night.  They offer “wet” and “dry” fish.  Wet is beer batter fish and dry is a thinner coating on the fried fish.  We prefer the dry (pictured above), but both are tasty.  With the meal you get your choice of two:  french fries, coleslaw, or cottage cheese.  The A.U.C.E. fish meal includes a homemade dessert too!

Service: Is very good, but can be a bit slow on a busy Friday night.  Be prepared to relax and enjoy your evening as you fill up on fish.

Return Rating: Definitely—every chance we get!

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Small Town Thrift Shop Worth a Stop

Small town thrift shop located in downtown Union City, Michigan with a nice variety of merchandise. Rarely do I shop here and leave empty-handed.

United Methodist Thrift Shop

217–219 N. Broadway
Union City Michigan

Displays inside thrift store.Venue:  Hometown thrift store located in downtown Union City, Michigan supporting mission projects.  Rarely do I shop here and leave empty-handed.  They even have a Facebook page!

Atmosphere:  Nicely organized, clean store.  I love to stop in here and check out their latest items.Displays inside thrift store.Displays inside thrift store.

Goods:  Nice variety of merchandise including dishes, glassware, puzzles, books, shoes, craft items, limited furniture, household items, jewelry, clothes, and toys.  All at very reasonable prices.

Recommendations:  Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.

Service:  Friendly volunteers!  They have a washer and dryer in the store’s basement and a volunteer washes donated clothing.

Return Rating:  Definitely!  We have shopped a number of times when in the area.Thrift Shop sign showing hours: 9-3 Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat

Displays inside thrift store.