Start Your Freezer Soup Pot Today

Since this homemade soup is a unique culinary creation, savor the flavor before its gone.

Do you want to make a tasty soup that your family will love and your friends will rave about? This has worked for my husband and I for years! He learned this technique from his parents. Just follow these easy steps.

1. Designate a freezer container to be your Freezer Soup Pot (FSP for short).

2. Put any meat or vegetable leftovers in your FSP container in the freezer. This includes liquids you would normally strain down your kitchen sink when you open a can of vegetables, leftover mashed potatoes, any leftover vegetables, leftover meats or meat juices, tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, and pizza sauce. Use your judgment as to whether you think it would compliment a pot of soup. Each time you have such leftovers, just add a layer to your FSP and keep it in the freezer. The FSP will be your soup base.

3. When the FSP container is full, make a pot of soup. Put your FSP in a pan or crockpot. Once it has thawed add other vegetables if you want such as tomatoes, onions, and peppers. You can get creative and add other ingredients such as macaroni or quinoa. Before adding spices, I recommend you get the FSP boiling so the flavors can blend. After taste testing a bit of cooled soup broth, add any spices you desire. Decide how thick or thin you want your soup. You can turn it into a stew if you want. When all your vegetables are tender and the soup has boiled down to the consistency you want, get ready to enjoy the best tasting soup ever.

Benefits of using a FSP are that you are upcycling food you would normally throw away if you’re not into leftovers. This saves you money. You also have the opportunity to enjoy and share soups you create.

Since this homemade soup is a unique culinary creation, savor the flavor before its gone. No two batches are the same. Be sure to start another FSP for your next pot of soup. What is your must have ingredient in a pot of soup? Feel free to use the comments section to share.