Antiques Galore in UP Downtown Store

Antiques nicely crowded into an old downtown building. Main floor and a basement to wander. Offering reasonable prices.

Dan’s Antique Mall
Downtown Ironwood, Michigan–Upper Peninsula
131 E. Aurora St.

Venue:  Antiques nicely crowded into an old downtown building. Main floor and a basement to wander. Offering reasonable prices.

Atmosphere: From the minute you walk into the entryway, you have items to begin looking at. My impression walking into the store was, “Wow.”

Offerings: Antiques a plenty. You name it, they had it.

Recommendations: Plan at least 2 hours shopping time if you are the type to look at everything. Otherwise you could probably breeze through in an hour trying to catch things of interest to you.

Service: Friendly and helpful.

Return Rating: Definitely.

Picture inside Dan's Antique Mall

Toilet Paper Tuesday

Kassel’s Midway in Negaunee, MI in the Upper Peninsula gives you toilet paper or Kleenex with a $20 gas purchase on Toilet Paper Tuesday.

We were enjoying the beauty of winter in the Upper Peninsula, and diligently remembering to refuel the truck. This took effort on our part because the Nissan has a smaller gas tank than the F-250.  We didn’t want to repeat the “oops” we need gas moments of traveling last summer.  As we pulled into Kassel’s Midway gas station in Negaunee, MI, their marquee told us it was Toilet Paper Kassel's Midway gas station marquee, "Toilet Paper Tuesday Every Tuesday Gift Cards"Tuesday.  ???


While I took care of my necessary break, my husband fueled the truck and picked out a few snacks. He then took care of his bathroom break while I paid for the gas and snacks.  Thinking ahead that it would be nice to have something to put snack garbage in, I asked the clerk for a sack.  She obliged and then asked if I wanted toilet paper or Kleenex.  “Ah, that is what Toilet Paper Tuesday is” and I went on to pick toilet paper.  I figured you could wipe or blow with either product.  The clerk nicely informed me that with $20.00 in gas you get either toilet paper or Kleenex.  If you find yourself in the UP, be sure to stop at Kassel’s Midway – especially if it is on Toilet Paper Tuesday.

Picture of toilet paper package received with road in foreground through windshield.

Curiosity Caught

Sharing of a brief travel story about when my curiosity was caught by a gas station sign in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Traveling through the Upper Peninsula this past January, we stopped at a Holiday Gas station in Wetmore, MI. My curiosity was caught when reading the sign, “Bulk Propane and Liquor available.” I wondered what quantities the liquor came in and the cost. Hmmmm. As you guessed, I am a sign reader. However, since I wasn’t in need of bulk liquor, I didn’t get answers to my questions.  What a difference word placement makes!

Sign reads, "bulk propane and liquor available