Another Cool, Curious, and/or Quirky Finds to Make You Smile

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Interesting FindsMater in front of an Amy truck with a string attached to “ tow” the truck.for you to enjoy . . .

Leading these quirky finds is . . .

little ol’ Mater. He’s got his work cut out for him with this tow job!

Next up, lots of folks have a love of everything bacon. So, I just had to snap this picture to share with you.Dirty Texas pickup truck with the letters “BACON” on the tailgate above the license plate.

Speaking of love, LOTS of folks love Buc-ees, a Texas travel convenience stop on steroids. If you’ve never been, put it on your list. Their billboards are pretty entertaining and I try to capture them to share with you. Here you go . . .

Buc-ee’s billboard, “Oh fudge, almost there.” The Buc-ee’s beaver is on the sign too.





Buc-ee’s billboard, “#bathroomgoals.” The Buc-ee’s beaver is on the sign too.





Buc-ee’s billboard, “#1 #1 Stop in Texas.” The Buc-ee’s beaver is on the sign too.




This unique picture was on the ladies room wall of Ray’s Drive In Cafe in Lufkin, TX. I’ll be sharing an eatery review soon for Ray’s. This picture offers a unique scene with the black and white photo contrasting against the yellow picture border and black and white tile.Black and white photo of folks dressed up watching a movie with the cardboard dark lense glasses. The photo has a wide, yellow mat around it.

What’s wrong with this ad? Ad on cooler door at Quick Trip offering a free donut when you buy Nesquik Protein Drink.

Thank you very much for the diet help! Love a free donut but not if I’m going for protein and lower carb.

That’s it for this edition of Cool, Curious, and/or Quirky Finds. Enjoy this Christmas Season and may you and yours enjoy lots of love and laughter!Blue and pink sky with Buc-ee’s billboard, “#1 #1 Stop in Texas.” The Buc-ee’s beaver is on the sign too.

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Curiosities, Cool Finds, and Quirky Stuff

Check out these quirky pictures including 100% recycled toilet paper, Mosquito Lion, and more.

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of interesting things, signs, or just plain cool finds.

Cool car spotted at Subway parking lot in Grand Marais, MN. I just had to share this with you,

Red car with Coca Cola trailer

Coca Cola trailer hitched to red carCoca Cola trailer hitched to red car

Loved seeing this truck advertising on a Texas road and how the owner combines assumed love of fishing with the business. Nice slogan–“Catching whatever bugs you!”

Angler's Pest Control back of truck advertising

Next up is picture of a Mosquito Lion. A friend graciously let me photo his find at Grand Portage National Monument. With a quick look online, I learned they do not actually eat mosquitoes–unfortunately!

Picture of Mosquito Lion

While in Minnesota, our dog noticed the rain water that had collected in our yard cart. He just had to jump up and play in it–really! He loves water, snow, mud, and dirt. Surprisingly, he is easy to keep clean even though he is mostly white. His hair has an oil coating that kind of operates like tefflon.

Black and white Newfoundland dog in large yard cart with some water in it.Roll of 100% recycled toilet paper

Do you want to use 100% recycled toilet paper? I don’t want to know how they do it–do you? Do note it is “Recycled without Chlorine, Inks, and Fragrances” per the label.

Back label of 100% recycled toilet paper

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more quirky stuff to share with you. Remember to enjoy the little things, and live a thankful life!