Grab an Exotic Meat Burger at Dairy Palace

We enjoyed a wild hog double burger, large fry, cole slaw, bacon burger, and 2 Diet Cokes. Order at the counter and food is delivered to your table.

Wild Hog Double Burger in background and Bacon Burger in foreground with cole slaw on the side. Dairy Palace


We have driven by the Dairy Palace in Canton, TX many times and wanted to try their hamburgers. We had been unable to stop until recently. It was worth the stop!

"World Famous Hamburgers" sign above menu boards at order counter with a lot of people in line.Venue:  This is a family owned and operated sort of fast food restaurant. There is a bit of a wait as food is made when ordered.

Booth and table seating inside Dairy Palace.Atmosphere: There is a lot of seating so you can pick your table or booth in this casual setting. There are several arcade games if you wish to play while you wait for your food.Arcade area inside Dairy Palace.

Food Fare: Breakfast is served all day long in addition to burgers, sandwiches, entrees, Mexican, hot dogs, and salads. Oh yeah, and ice cream and exotic meat burgers. Exotic meats include: duck, elk, venison, bison, turkey, and wild boar. We enjoyed a wild hog double burger, large fry, cole slaw, bacon burger, and 2 Diet Cokes for just shy of $31.00. A bit pricy but delicious. Both burgers were fabulous and Pete would get the wild hog again. Well done large French fry basket.The fries and cole slaw were just regular sides so we’ll probably skip them next time.

Recommendations: They are open 24 hours but be aware the parking lot is not suited for trailers. Their brochure mentions they have hand-made ice cream sandwiches that might be worth considering. If it is prime meal time, be prepared to wait.Know Your Rancher information about 44 Farms and how they treat the cattle.

Service: Good service. Order at the counter and food is delivered to your table. We didn’t ask about drink refills and I didn’t notice a fountain. You’ll have to ask when you stop in.

Return Rating: Definitely.View of Diary Palace from the street.

Big Mouth Burger Company

All of the food was delicious. We both thought our burger buns were worth going off the carb wagon for.

Small mouth burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and onion rings.Big Mouth Burger Company


124 Planters St, Emory, Texas

Driving through Emory, Texas we noticed this burger joint across the town square and made a mental note to try it sometime. It just looked interesting and we’re always up for a good burger.

Venue: A casual, small town burger joint with a fun décor.Storefront for Big Mouth Burger Company

Atmosphere: You’re welcomed when noticed and you can sit at any of the 12 tables. Not sure  if all of them were named, but we sat at the “Poker Table.” I did notice there was a Liar’s Table.”Poker Table sign on wall over our table. Ketchup, straws, napkins, salt, pepper, sweeteners also on table.


Food Fare: The menu had a lot of great looking choices. When asked what was good, our waitress replied, “All of it.” She did specifically recommend the Wild Wild West hamburger. It had a jalapeño bun and Pete enjoyed it. Wild Wild West burger with French fries I had a small mouth burger with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. The bacon I added was a smart decision. Also, I opted for onion rings. All of the food was delicious. We both thought our burger buns were worth going off the carb wagon for. The french fries were seasoned and crunchy with a softer inner potato texture. They were good but would have been better if crispier. We love well done fries. There are a variety of sandwich choices in addition to the burgers as well as salads. There are fried pies for dessert. We split a peach one and it was just the right size to offer a bit of sweet for both of us.

Small mouth burger with onion ringsRecommendations: Look over the menu at all the great choices. There are quite a few that fall in the spicy category, but you can build your Big or Small Mouth Burger to suit. You’ll want to save room for a sugared fried pie or get one to go.

Service: Solid Service. Our tea ran out so Pete took our cups up for a refill. Our waitress apologized after this and did let us know she could get to go cups for us if we wished. It was a busy time with lots of diners. It wasn’t like she was ignoring us. She owned it and still received a tip.

Return Rating: Definitely! Wanna try out a different sandwich.

Looking for a small town café? Try SOB for a great burger!

Good food and solid service with reasonable prices. You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere at this small town café.

Two plates with hamburger and fries

When you wonder what kind of food South of the Border Café serves, keep in mind which border it is near. It is a true Grand Marais, MN local haunt that you will want to definitely experience.

Venue: A small town café that is open 5:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. everyday. Booth seating encompasses the main dining area as well as the back room.

Inside of cafe showing booth seating, door to back room and coffee pot area

Atmosphere: Casual and often very busy.

Food Fare: Breakfast or lunch items served all day. Fresh breaded, fried herring when in season. Great hamburgers as well as omelets.

Plated omelet with hot sauce, bacon and toast

Recommendations: Order the herring if in season. Bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards. Check out any specials on the white board above the coffee pot area.

Service: Always good, solid service. One of the reasons we love SOB is because Peg, one of the waitresses, adds to the experience of dining here.

Peg, waitress at cafeShe self-defined as the snarkiest waitress in town. She is friendly but will definitely tell you how it is in her honest, flavorful manner.

Return Rating: Definitely. Prices are reasonable, food is good, and we feel at home.Picture of front of menu: 2 guys in small fishing boat

South of the Border Cafe storefront