Col. Sanders’ Chess Pie a Delectable Dessert

Whooooah . . . this pie is fabulous. A little bit goes a long way.

Three-fourths of Col. Sanders' Chess Pie with meringue on top.From page 5 of “Twenty Favorite Recipes of Col. Harland Sanders” comes this Col. Sanders’ Chess Pie recipe.

This is an easy to make “comfort food” that also pulls off “fancy.” You can serve this pie for everyday, special occasions, and holidays.

My husband’s parents lived near Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fame before he became famous. Years later while on a visit, in July of 1971, the Colonel gave my mother-in-law a copy of “Twenty Favorite Recipes of Col. Harland Sanders”.  Here is the recipe as promised.

Picture of Col. Sanders' Chess Pie recipe

I followed this recipe per the directions and ingredients. Chess PIe batter in pie crust ready to go in oven.Baking in a cast iron pie pan took about 60 minutes. A knife inserted half way from the pie edge to the pie middle and coming out clean told me the pie was done.

The meringue turned out nicely. I did grab another cookbook* off my shelf to read up on meringue making. One pointer I learned was to rub a bit of meringue between my fingers to see if there was sugar grit. You want the sugar to dissolve. So, I kept beating my meringue till I didn’t feel sugar grit. Putting meringue on baked chess pieI also made sure that the meringue reached all edges of the crust to provide a seal which prevents shrinkage. The meringue was baked 13 minutes at 350 degrees.Using a spatula to finish putting meringue on baked chess pie


Whooooah . . . this pie is fabulous. A little bit goes a long way as it is very sweet tasting. The crust, filling, and meringue compliment one another for a flavorful and delectable dessert. The pie crust came out of the Colonel’s recipe booklet too. I’ll be sharing that recipe at another time.Nicely browned meringue on chess pie sitting on cooling rack with glass canister jars in background

*The cookbook I grabbed off my shelf was, Farm Journal’s Homemade Pies, Cookies & Bread By the Food Editors of Farm Journal, copyright 1983 published by Greenwich House, Distributed by Crown Publishers, Inc., New York.

Col. Sanders’ Buttermilk Pie Recipe is Fantastic!

Nice brown top, smooth texture to the filling, and a great taste with the Bourbon. Next time your in the mood for southern comfort food, give this pie a try. 

Baked buttermilk pie in pine tin with one piece on plateDuring the process of relocating to East Texas, I discovered Buttermilk Pie is a delicious and common dessert in my new state.

I had never had this comfort food before and loved it. So, naturally, I needed to find a recipe. My husband mentioned to me that we probably had a recipe of the Colonel’s and I should check my little cookbook. That’s right, my husband’s parents knew Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fame before he became famous. My mother-in-law gave me her copy of “Twenty Favorite Recipes of Col. Harland Sanders” little souvenir cookbook. Front cover of recipe booklet, "Twenty Favorite Recipes of Col. Harlan Sanders."She received this booklet from Col. Sanders in July of 1971 in Shelbyville, KY at his restaurant, The Colonel’s Lady. So, now I’m going to share this Buttermilk Pie recipe with you.Back page of recipe booklet, "Twenty Favorite Recipes of Col. Harlan Sanders."






I made a few adjustment to the recipe to accommodate ingredients I had on hand. I used:

  • Butter not oleo
  • Thrive Life powdered vanilla
  • Powdered Buttermilk (reconstituted )

I omitted the lemon rind and lemon juice and opted to use Bourbon.

Picture of Buttermilk Pie recipe

I had never made a pie recipe that instructed me to bake but not brown the crust prior to baking with the filling in it. As you can see from my picture, there was a bit of bubbling from the initial baking of the crust. Partially baked but not browned pie crust in pie plateIt did not affect the end product. The second time I made this pie, I used a store bought granola crust. Both pies were fantastic! Nice brown top, smooth texture to the filling, and a great taste with the Bourbon.Beaten buttermilk pie filling in bowl with mixer beaters

While this pie didn’t last long, there was no weeping from the filling as you can sometimes get with this type of pie.  Baked Buttermilk pie on cooling rack with jar of flour to the back side and oven in the background.

Do you have a favorite comfort food pie you enjoy? Let me know via the comments section please. Also, be on the look out for the Chess Pie recipe from this little booklet. I’ll be sharing it too.


Start Your Freezer Soup Pot Today

Since this homemade soup is a unique culinary creation, savor the flavor before its gone.

Do you want to make a tasty soup that your family will love and your friends will rave about? This has worked for my husband and I for years! He learned this technique from his parents. Just follow these easy steps.

1. Designate a freezer container to be your Freezer Soup Pot (FSP for short).

2. Put any meat or vegetable leftovers in your FSP container in the freezer. This includes liquids you would normally strain down your kitchen sink when you open a can of vegetables, leftover mashed potatoes, any leftover vegetables, leftover meats or meat juices, tomato juice, spaghetti sauce, and pizza sauce. Use your judgment as to whether you think it would compliment a pot of soup. Each time you have such leftovers, just add a layer to your FSP and keep it in the freezer. The FSP will be your soup base.

3. When the FSP container is full, make a pot of soup. Put your FSP in a pan or crockpot. Once it has thawed add other vegetables if you want such as tomatoes, onions, and peppers. You can get creative and add other ingredients such as macaroni or quinoa. Before adding spices, I recommend you get the FSP boiling so the flavors can blend. After taste testing a bit of cooled soup broth, add any spices you desire. Decide how thick or thin you want your soup. You can turn it into a stew if you want. When all your vegetables are tender and the soup has boiled down to the consistency you want, get ready to enjoy the best tasting soup ever.

Benefits of using a FSP are that you are upcycling food you would normally throw away if you’re not into leftovers. This saves you money. You also have the opportunity to enjoy and share soups you create.

Since this homemade soup is a unique culinary creation, savor the flavor before its gone. No two batches are the same. Be sure to start another FSP for your next pot of soup. What is your must have ingredient in a pot of soup? Feel free to use the comments section to share.

Put Dumas Walker Pepper & Pie Co. on your To Do List

Plan your trip to Brenham, TX around Dumas Walker’s hours. This unobtrusive restaurant is one that you would probably just drive by. Trust me — it is worth stopping. They offer tasty comfort food and the biscuits are the BEST!

Dumas Walker Pepper and Pie Company storefrontDumas Walker Pepper & Pie Company


1505 West Main

Brenham, TX


Dumas Walker’s serves Cajun, Creole, and comfort food in their small restaurant located in Brenham, Texas. Friends were kind enough to tell us about this restaurant and we are so glad they did!

Venue: Unobtrusive restaurant that you would probably just drive by. Trust me — it is worth eating here.

Atmosphere: Cozy table seating in a casual fashion with eclectic Texas country décor. There is a selection of old cookbooks you can look at while waiting for your food. I’ll be sharing some interesting recipes I found in future blog posts.

Dumas Walker bacon and eggs with hash browns, biscuit, and side of gravy

Food Fare: We’ve always chosen breakfast but we understand they have great burgers. The biscuits are the BEST! They are worth going off your diet. Hashbrowns and bacon arrived crispy as requested. I order a side of the gravy to enjoy with my meal.

Dumas Walker omelette with hashbrowns and biscuit

Recommendations: Plan your trip to Brenham around their open hours. They are open Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Also, check out Dumas Walker’s website for an interesting read about their history. The menu is online as well.

Service: Very good.

Return Rating: Definitely! We love breakfast for any meal.