Special Holiday Go To Dessert

This is a rich yet easy to make dessert that will become a regular for your special occasions.

Have you ever had a potluck or gathering for which you wanted “just the right” recipe?

A bourbon cake dessert served by a dear friend met my recipe need. An email reply later I had the recipe and was gearing up to make “Julia’s Date Pudding.” Be sure to continue reading – this desert is worth it! While it is billed as a pudding, it is more like a very moist bar.

Julia’s Date Pudding recipe

I have two warnings about this recipe. One: read the whole recipe through. It is easy to make but it takes time to let the dessert cool in the oven. Two: the recipe serves more than 12. This is a very rich dessert, and a 2 x 2” piece will satisfy the most ravenous sweet tooth. They can always have seconds, but you won’t want to waste any of this dessert.

Baked cake in pan on stovetopThis is a picture of the cake after we poured the sauce on it and you can see the “gloss” look it has. The sauce has soaked in quite a bit in the second picture.Baked cake in pan on stovetop

Modifications we made include: substituting apricots for dates. We used a 12 ounce package. Using Fireball Whiskey instead of Bourbon. Note: one and a half ounces equals one jigger. We ended up using four ounces of Fireball. We used a total of 1 1/4 pecans but next time plan to use 1 1/2 cups total.

Christmas, New Year’s, or Fourth of July would be occasions to serve this treat. You’ll have to decide whether you like it best hot or cold. Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments posting.

A special thank you goes out to Marilyn, a true Kentucky Southern hostess, for sharing this dessert with me at her table and in writing.

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