Deep Fried Cheese Curds are Delish

Fresh, squeaky cheese curds are a delight. Deep Fried Cheese Curds are a delish treat. This recipe offers a batter recipe and a crumb coating recipe.

Bags of Mullins cheese curds on counterDeep Fried Cheese Curds are Delish!


Mullins Cheese is a Wisconsin cheese factory not too far off Highway 39 near Knowlton, WI. Definitely worth a stop when you are passing through. You can get your cheese curds, souvenirs, and a bathroom stop all in one. Check out my previous post for more information: “Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds for Lunch!”

I’ve wanted to share this “Deep Fried Cheese Curds” recipe with you from Mullins Cheese. Fresh, squeaky cheese curds are a delight. Deep Fried Cheese Curds are a delish treat by themselves, for an appetizer, or even a meal accompaniment. Give them a try. Note, this recipe offers a batter recipe and a crumb coating recipe.

Deep Fried Cheese Curds recipe

If you want another idea for using cheese curds, take a look at “Cheese Curd Croissant Creation.” We really enjoy cheese curds. Got any ideas on using cheese curds?

Cheese Curd Croissant Creation

We used a Dutch oven on top of a wood stove to bake this creation. This can be done in an oven or with a Dutch with coals from your campfire. Have fun making this dough creation with your own twists.

2 cheese curd croissants a metal pan sitting on a cutting boardDo you love bread and cheese? How about hot croissant with melted cheese curds inside? It is both easy and yummy to make a Cheese Curd Croissant Creation! Also, it is just the thing to go with a hot drink on a cold day.


– 1 tube of Pillsbury croissant dough
– Cheese curds that have lost their squeak


1. Crack open your tube of croissant dough. Take 2 pieces of the dough, keep them both flat and join 2 edges together by putting them edge to edge and pressing them together. If you have trouble with the edges not sticking together, use a bit of water on your finger tips as you press the two dough edges together. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough a bit.

croissant dough on cutting board with cheese curds on 1/2 of dough and rolling pin off to the side

2. Add cheese curds that have lost their squeak to the center of the dough. Note: If your curds still squeak, enjoy eating them fresh!

3. Join the edges of your dough so you can create a sealed pocket or turnover. You want to seal the cheese inside the dough. part of hands folding over half of croissant dough and the cheese curds will be sealed dough pocketAnother way to do this is to put a piece of croissant dough on a flat surface, add the cheese, then put another dough piece on top of that. Seal all the edges by pinching them together.

Two cheese curd croissants in metal pan with Mullins Cheese curd bag in background.4. Bake your cheesy pockets till golden brown. We used a Dutch oven on top of a wood stove. Dutch oven on top of wood stoveThis can be done in an oven as well. Also, a Dutch oven could be used with coals from your campfire.


Chees Curd Croissants in pan inside dutch oven on top of wood stove. Croissants are golden brown.5. Prepare your beverage of choice to enjoy with your Cheese Curd Croissant Creation. Be sure to let the croissants cool a bit before eating as the cheese inside will be very hot and getting a burned tongue is not fun.

Other Pointers:

You can substitute any cheese you wish for the cheese curds. Try out combining flavors of cheeses. Consider adding a bit of spaghetti sauce and pepperoni with the cheese to fashion a pizza pocket.

Another idea would be to try canned biscuit dough which comes in a variety of flavors!

Have fun making this dough creation with your own twists. I’d love to hear what you tried. Feel free to share in the comments section.

Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds for Lunch!

Mullins Cheese display casesMullins Cheese  

598 Seagull Drive, Mosinee, WI  54455

From Hwy 39 take exit 175 to Downtown Knowlton

Venue: Retail store next to the cheese factory.  Don’t be fooled by the plain exterior, there is an interesting cheese and gift shop inside.

Mullins Cheese store entry

Atmosphere: Casual retail store with lots of cheese choices, souvenirs, and gift items.  There is a snack bar along with a few tables if you want to grab a bite to eat before you continue your journey. 

Food Fare: CHEESE and other goodies. We love the cheese curds!  We have also purchased 5 year cheddar as well as a variety of cheese end cut packages.  All have been delicious.

Inside view of Mullins Cheese store with counter, displays, and tables.

Recommendations: Check out the pricing on the packaged cheese end cuts.  These are found in the refrigerated floor cases rather than the refrigerated wall cases.  Try a sample of curds from the counter sampler dish.  Definitely  buy some cheese curds — if you’ve never had them be prepared for some tasty eating.  When you chew fresh cheese curds, they squeak!

Service: Friendly and they have clean restrooms.

Return Rating: Definitely – every time we drive by on Hwy. 39.  Fresh cheese curds for lunch!