Raspberry Sausage Waffles

The waffles were heavy, as was expected. You could smell the raspberries as the waffles cooked, . . . There was a very light sausage flavor. This recipe made 12 waffles. . . freeze the leftovers for a quick meal later.

Raspberry Sausage Waffles piled on a plate.Raspberry Sausage Waffles

We get a hankering for waffles every now and then. We enjoy having them for supper most of the time over breakfast. I grabbed the good old trusty Better Homes and Garden cookbook. This is one of the best overall cookbooks to keep in your pantry."Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book" cover with red and white checked table cloth type background.

As usual, I don’t follow directions. Instead of nasty old white flour, I used whole wheat.  Remember, you will need to add a little extra water when using whole wheat. The recipe also called for the eggs to be separated. If your gonna have both parts in the mix, why waste the time. It’s already gonna be heavy from using whole wheat flour.Picture of Waffle recipe.

Cindy soaked a cup of Thrive Life Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles. Thrive Life freeze dried sausage crumbles and raspberries reconstituted in a bowl with a spoon in it.To this, I added about a half of a cup of Thrive Life Freezed Dried Raspberries. I then dumped this into the waffle batter.

The waffles were heavy, as was expected. You could smell the raspberries as the waffles cooked, but could not really taste them in the waffles. There was a very light sausage flavor.Raspberry Sausage Waffle batter in a bowl with spoon.

The waffle texture was good, and it was very flavorful. We used our freshly made peach butter to cover the waffles. Next time we will do the sausage mixed with Thrive Life Freezed Dried Mangos. That just sounds like a great combination.

Two waffles in waffle maker. This recipe made 12 waffles. We freeze the leftovers for a quick meal later.

If you do not have a copy of this cookbook, I recommend that you pick one up. I remember my mom having this cookbook when I was a kid. My mom gave Cindy our copy for a wedding shower over 35 years ago. We also gave a copy to our son and his wife when they got married.

Picture of "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book" inside page with copyright and publisher information.Remember the cooking rule of thumb: never follow the directions.

By Pete AveryRaspberry Sausage Waffles piled on a plate.

Smitty’s Café – Amazing Food

We’ve had both breakfast and burgers, and loved both. Hash browns and french fries were “burned” as requested.

Smitty's Cafe storefront in downtown Brenham, TX with baker man statue out front.Smitty’s Café & Bakery

100 W. Main Street, Brenham, TX

Venue: Small, downtown eatery that was highly recommended to us by 2 different sets of folks.

Atmosphere: Casual and comfortable with table seating. Find your spot and take a seat.Table seating with green and cream tile floor and Texas Country decor.

Food Fare: Exceptional! We’ve had breakfast and burgers, and loved both. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and we’ll done hash browns.Hash browns and french fries were “burned” as requested. Tried the peanutbutter and jelly hamburger that comes with bacon — Yum! I’d been sidestepping trying a hamburger with peanutbutter because I figured it would be really great or really a goner. This combo is a do again! The half sandwich with green beans was a healthier choice for me. My better half enjoyed the potatoes each time.Half peanutbutter jelly hamburger with side of green beans

Recommendations: Lunch starts at 11:00 a.m. If you’re there a bit early (10:45) like we were the first visit, don’t let the waitress impact you asking for lunch. We were “encouraged” to order breakfast, but the folks that came in just before us were allowed to order lunch. Lunch is the reason we chose the restaurant. Let me say though, breakfast was fantastic!Plate size pancake with butter.

Service: If our service we received the first visit dictated our decision to return, we would never go back. My husband ordered over easy eggs and got scrambled. After asking for a biscuit and being informed there were none, I settled for toast. I asked the bread choices and selected wheat. I received white. Our waitress failed to check on us. We left no tip because it wasn’t earned. We also informed the cashier and she apologized and insured us they could do better. Unfortunately, we sat in the same spot our second visit and had the same waitress. She did better than our first visit, but service was not stellar. Another waitress did check on us and had an outstanding attitude. We put a tip in the tip jar. Be sure to sit at a table being served by the blonde waitress.

Front of Smitty's Cafe menu with hours, address, and phone numbers.Return Rating: Definitely because the food is amazing! At least until we find a comparable restaurant we prefer.Omelette with cheese and toast

Southern Waffles Satisfy

These waffles turned out great. Give this recipe a try as is, with our changes, or tweak to your taste.

New to me recipe book and a new waffle iron were the perfect combination . . . Two waffles on a pottery plate in top of stove.. . . for Pete to try out this Southern Waffles recipe from “100 Southern Recipes.”

Check out the face page. Face Page of “100 Southern Recipes”This was published by the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers and copyrighted in 1938. Additional information about “100 Southern Recipes” including 1938 copyright.
The cost was $1.00 back in the day.

Remember, Pete guy cooks and we substitute ingredients for what we have on hand. Changes made to the recipe were:

**Einkorn flour instead of white flour
**Omitted the salt
**2 1/2 eggs worth of Thrive Life Scrambled Egg Mix since no eggs were on hand
**1 cup whipping cream instead of sweet milk
**5 T butter instead of 4 T margarine (never too much butter)
**Added water as needed for consistencySouthern Waffles recipe

Batter being poured into 2 square waffle maker Even if Pete would have used eggs, he would not have separated the egg whites and yolks per the recipe. For waffles and pancakes he just throws all the ingredients in a bowl and mixes them.

These waffles turned out great. They were fluffy and we enjoyed them for supper. Give this recipe a try as is, with our changes, or tweak to your taste. Waffles work for breakfast, lunch, supper or even for a snack. They are pretty versatile!Front of "100 Southern Recipes"

We enjoy butter and maple syrup—the real stuff. HOWEVER, we gauge the amount we pour on a waffle so as to be able to eat it all. Swimming your waffle in syrup that gets left on your plate is not allowed at our house. What do you like to put on your waffles?

Put Dumas Walker Pepper & Pie Co. on your To Do List

Plan your trip to Brenham, TX around Dumas Walker’s hours. This unobtrusive restaurant is one that you would probably just drive by. Trust me — it is worth stopping. They offer tasty comfort food and the biscuits are the BEST!

Dumas Walker Pepper and Pie Company storefrontDumas Walker Pepper & Pie Company


1505 West Main

Brenham, TX


Dumas Walker’s serves Cajun, Creole, and comfort food in their small restaurant located in Brenham, Texas. Friends were kind enough to tell us about this restaurant and we are so glad they did!

Venue: Unobtrusive restaurant that you would probably just drive by. Trust me — it is worth eating here.

Atmosphere: Cozy table seating in a casual fashion with eclectic Texas country décor. There is a selection of old cookbooks you can look at while waiting for your food. I’ll be sharing some interesting recipes I found in future blog posts.

Dumas Walker bacon and eggs with hash browns, biscuit, and side of gravy

Food Fare: We’ve always chosen breakfast but we understand they have great burgers. The biscuits are the BEST! They are worth going off your diet. Hashbrowns and bacon arrived crispy as requested. I order a side of the gravy to enjoy with my meal.

Dumas Walker omelette with hashbrowns and biscuit

Recommendations: Plan your trip to Brenham around their open hours. They are open Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Also, check out Dumas Walker’s website for an interesting read about their history. The menu is online as well.

Service: Very good.

Return Rating: Definitely! We love breakfast for any meal.