Pablo’s BBQ & Mexican Food

We tried the ribs and both regular and spicy sausage. . . . the rum raisin ice cream . . . was sweet but not overly so and a nice treat on a hot day.

Pablo’s sign with a large replica of a double barrel shotgun on topPablo’s BBQ and Mexican Food

3900 US-69, Lufkin, TX

Pablo’s menu board Venue: Fast food BBQ and Mexican restaurant combination.

Atmosphere: Casual atmosphere with a prominent hunting theme. The double barrel shotgun on top of the restaurant sign, several Wall mounted deer head with antler rackmounted trophy heads, and the bathroom antler hook attest to the theme. Choose booth or table seating after ordering at the counter.Table and booth seating inside restaurant

Food Fare: Lots of BBQ and Mexican food choices. We tried the ribs and both regular and spicy sausage. Ribs in styrofoam container The ribs were tender and delicious. The spicy sausage was tasty even though it didn’t later agree with my husband’s innards. The regular sausage was good. Cut sausage and spicy sausage in styrofoam container We both enjoyed the rum raisin ice cream. It was sweet but not overly so and a nice treat on a hot day. We ate it first since we ordered carry out.Rum Raisin ice cream in a plastic cup

“Welcome To Pablo’s” entryway sign listing lunch specials.Recommendations: Check out the daily specials on both the entryway board and the menu board. Stop by if you find yourself in the area.

Service: We received friendly service, but we weren’t sure the waitress understood what we ordered. The order turned out fine though. Food counter with various sides displayed.It seemed to take awhile to receive the carry out order, but it was prime lunch time and the restaurant was busy.

“Pablo’s” name in letters on wall above wagon wheel. A lantern type light is on each side of the wagon wheel. Chest freezer with ice cream to the left. Return Rating: Probably not since the spicy sausage didn’t agree with my husband.Deer antler coat hook.

Road Trip for Ribs to Trinity, Texas

Easy to spot barbeque stand in Trinity, Texas offers food the proprietor can rightfully be proud of. Worth a road trip for the ribs!

The Best Bar-B-Que in Trinity Texas SignSammy’s Bar-B-Que     Trinity Texas

Venue: Side of the road Bar-B-Que stand that was easy to spot as we drove by (107 Calvin Street). There was a Resale Shop next door (don’t bother) separate from the food stand.

Atmosphere: Awning covered picnic tables with a small food trailer and a bar-b-que pit.

Food Fare: “The Best Bar-B-Que in Trinity TX” according to their sign (We agree). We tried the ribs and Boudin sausage and were very happy with them. Check out the size of the ribs in the picture – great tasting and easy to eat off the bone. Note: I am not usually an eat off the bone person, but I was with these! Sausage was delicious. We sampled potato salad and beans at the stand, and both were great tasting. The potato salad was some of the best we have ever had. The beans were exceptional. The proprietor was rightfully proud of his cooking.

bar-b-que ribs and boudin sausage in stryofoam carryout container

Recommendation: If you are in the area, it is definitely worth driving a little out of the way to enjoy this food.

Service: Friendly and welcoming.

Return Rating: Definitely!



Cruising by Crescent City, IL? Grab BBQ Ribs!

If you are cruising through Crescent City, IL be sure to get some ribs at Springcreek BBQ located at the corner of U.S. highway 24 and IL highway 49.


Springcreek BBQ TrailerExcellent ribs and mediocre brisket. We pulled up to this corner stand to see the proprietor and his son with their feet up watching a barbecuer. Sort of like watching water boil.

Picture of Springcreek BBQ father and son

When we walked up we were warmly greeted. I asked if the ribs were done. He advised he needed to put barbeque sauce on them and continue to cook them. I asked if he would sell us a slab as is knowing they weren’t “finished.” We got a slab of ribs with only a rub on it and some brisket. The brisket was nothing special but we compare it to what we get in Navasota, TX at Mallett Brothers Barbeque. The ribs were excellent. While not “finished,” the meat was done, tender, and tasty. If these half done ribs are an example of what he makes, I would like to try the completed ribs.

barbeque ribs on tin foil with knife and fork

We highly recommend stopping in. Skip the brisket, eat the ribs. This Barbeque Trailer is located in Crescent City, IL at the corner of U.S. highway 24 and IL highway 49.


BBQ trailer

Written by Pete Avery for Blog.