“Herd Thinning” Venture

What do you do with your surplus of stuff as you . . . downsize your possessions?

Display of antiques and other merchandise on a table with a four shelf fixture on it.With our 35 years of marriage, my husband and I have accumulated lots of stuff, trinkets, treasures, antiques, interesting items, and a little bit of junque.

Note, junque is classier than junk.

Not to mention the extra goodies we acquired after 3 of 4 parents have passed. We both love books, pottery, historic memorabilia, and the unusual. What do you do with your surplus of stuff as you “thin your herd” and downsize your possessions?

You could open your own store, have lots of garage sales, donate, and/or do nothing and let your family deal with it when you are gone. My parents chose the last option and I really don’t want to do that to our son, but my husband does.

My solution—set up a booth in an antique store! In our property search to relocate to Texas, we enjoyed the small town of Navasota in Grimes County. Navasota has a quaint downtown and lots of small shops. One shop we enjoyed was the Navasota Emporium and it came to mind as a good fit for our new venture.

And we’re off and running with our herd thinning. Stayed tuned for further updates.

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Market 406 Offers Vintage & Salvage

Merchandise and antiques were displayed in an engaging manner.

Storefront of Market 406Market 406

406 N Market St, Petersburg, VA

Our son and his wife took us to this interesting shop in Petersburg, VA. True to its sign, offerings included vintage and salvage. Outside of Market 406 in side yard with planters, small fence, old wash tub, and large rocks.Also, the building itself was interesting both inside and out.



Merchandise and antiques were displayed in an engaging manner and staff were available if needed. Vintage clothing, Borax is King framed poster in old bathtub, and framed photos.Check out the pictures I took and decide for yourself if this shop is worth a stop when you’re in the area.Three shelf display of merchandise including vanity items and quilts.






What interesting shops have you been introduced to?Two Coca Cola signs and wood shutters

Looking through double open doors into room with variety of salvage merchandise.







Long table with variety of merchandise on it, hanging items overhead, chairs, glassware, and other antique items displayed.Brick work with arch inside building and horseshoe forge displayed. Light and bucket hanging from ceiling.







Variety of lamps and tables displayed. Some lamps are hanging from ceiling.

Sinks, tubs of merchandise, lights hanging from ceiling, and cabinets of merchandise.







"Open" Market 406 Sign, stating: General Store, Salvage and Vintage. Sign is on brick sidewalk and you can see the brick side of the building and a tree.

Turn Around for this Antique Mall

Lots of antiques and old stuff nicely displayed. Two rooms with rows of vendor booths.

Variety of antiques in a booth at antique mallJunction Antique Mall

5447 S. U.S. 59
Nacogdoches, TX

This was one of those shops you drive by and decide it is worth turning around to go back to. The outside of this antique mall gave off the “vibe” that it would an interesting shop. So turn around we did.

We usually don’t have specific items we are hunting for at this stage in life. It is more the oddball or unusual item that may “speak” to us and get bought. I am on the look out for interesting cookbooks so I can find recipes to share with you. Two “new to me“ but older cookbooks are in my read pile. "Cooking Through Rose-Colored Glasses" and "100 Southern Recipes" cookbooks' front coversAs I quickly paged through them, I found numerous recipes that were interesting. You’ll be seeing more from these cookbooks. Check out the post, “Fresh Baked Goods . . .. Oh My!” for one recipe already shared.

Picture of outside of Junction Antique MallVenue:  Antique Mall

Atmosphere:  Clean shopping environment. Two rooms with the side room 1/3 the size of the main room. Rows of vendor booths.Picture inside antique mall

Offerings:  Lots of antiques and old stuff nicely displayed. One booth had a large variety of Tupperware. Another had lids for glass or metal cookware. Antique Mall display of glass and metal lids for saleTwo booths had a number of cookbooks. A number of cast iron selections at reasonable prices. There was also a room full of Pyrex.Picture inside of antique mall

Recommendations:  Stop by and allow plenty of time to browse as there is lots to look at. As is often the case, some vendors are more reasonably priced than others.Picture inside of antique mall

Service:  The lady we talked with at checkout was friendly and is a dog person. A good sized shepherd and little poodle were manning the counter with her. Both dogs were extremely friendly BUT don’t mess with Mama. A price tag had fallen off one of the cookbooks I was buying. She joined Pete and I in the search to find it.Picture inside of antique mall showing rows of booths

Return Rating:  Definitely

Junction Antique Mall business card

Antiques Galore in UP Downtown Store

Antiques nicely crowded into an old downtown building. Main floor and a basement to wander. Offering reasonable prices.

Dan’s Antique Mall
Downtown Ironwood, Michigan–Upper Peninsula
131 E. Aurora St.

Venue:  Antiques nicely crowded into an old downtown building. Main floor and a basement to wander. Offering reasonable prices.

Atmosphere: From the minute you walk into the entryway, you have items to begin looking at. My impression walking into the store was, “Wow.”

Offerings: Antiques a plenty. You name it, they had it.

Recommendations: Plan at least 2 hours shopping time if you are the type to look at everything. Otherwise you could probably breeze through in an hour trying to catch things of interest to you.

Service: Friendly and helpful.

Return Rating: Definitely.

Picture inside Dan's Antique Mall