Shop and Stretch Your Legs at Stockman’s

They’ve got live bait, country style canned goods, and plenty to look at while you stretch your legs.

Antlered Trophy head posted on metal pole inside farm supply store with merchandise around the areaStockman Farm Supply

12524 Frontage Rd., Osseo, Wisconsin

When you are driving Interstate 94 in the vicinity of Osseo, Wisconsin and need a break, stop in at Stockman Farm Supply. You’ll find an inviting selection of fresh produce and clean restrooms right inside the front door and to your right. produce section of farm supply store with fresh fruit displayedBrowse their food aisles to see the weekly deals, and check out the toys and tools while your at it. This store is similar to Farm & Fleet but has more variety and their twist on a farm store is appealing.Long aisle view inside farm supply store

When we’ve been in at Christmas time, they have stocked the rosette cookies. These seasonal treats are reason alone to stop in. Rosettes are a Scandanavian treat that are deep fried thin cookies dusted with powdered sugar— yum! Our latest stop had us finding the new flavors of Diet Coke. We are going to try the blood orange, ginger/lime, and twisted mango.another long aisle view inside farm supply store

If you’re a fisherman, they’ve got live bait. If you’re after country style canned goods, they’ve got Jake & Amos products. If you just want to stretch your legs, you’ll have plenty to look at. Have I convinced you yet?

Isn’t it fun to check out regional types of stores and find local products? What type of stores have you found to stop at when you travel? Please share in the Comments Section— thanks!Outside view of Stockman's Farm Supply store

picture of Stockman's store hours

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