Earth Exchange Upscale Thrift Store

Merchandise is well organized. . . . LOTS of used items. . . . ask about their Customer Appreciation Card.

Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: antiques.Earth Exchange Upscale Thrift Store

1713 Belknap St., Superior, WI

Venue: A thrift store with LOTS of used items. They advertise that they sell new furniture and mattresses at liquidation prices.Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: clothes and furniture.

Atmosphere: An old department store with stairs leading to a second floor balcony that surrounds the first floor sales area.

Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: home decor.Offerings: In addition to new furniture and mattresses, they have home décor and arts, books, vintage, household, linens, arts & crafts, children’s, antiques, clothing, and jewelry. Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: children’s section.I may have missed a few categories. Merchandise is well organized.Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: children’s clothing.

Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: books.Recommendations: Plan plenty of time to browse in Earth Exchange, and be sure to stop in the Salvation Army Thrift Store located in the same block. Also, ask about their Customer Appreciation Card.Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: arts and crafts.

Service: We were left alone to browse and paying for our treasures was easy. Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: vintage.We were offered a Customer Appreciation Card.

Earth Exchange merchandise displayed: household.

Return Rating: Definitely! Looking forward to it.Earth Exchange chalkboard listing specials.Earth Exchange storefront.

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