Night picture of toad in Texas garden.Stumbling upon “critters” of all kinds going about their business can be a nice surprise and entertaining. This page is all about sharing these finds with you. May you find these as enjoyable and fun as we do! Feel free to bookmark this page and check back for new finds.

Videos currently on this page: Locust, Whippoorwill (sound only), Playful Kittens, our Newfie Mooz, a busy bumblebee, a chillin’ Texas toad, ants moving a carcass, wolf spider with egg sac, Ginger & Agate (barn cats) sharing their antics, and a roadside cow eating grass.

Critters could be four legged, insects, or birds. Creatures that grab our attention. When this happens, we are quickly grabbing our cell phone camera and taking pictures and videos. Such was the case with this little, white spider in my agave plant. Check out the close up as well as the distance picture to se how small this fellow is.

Agave plant in terra cotta pot with 2 rocks and a pinwheel. Small white spider is in middle agave leaf.

Close up of white spider in agave plant leaf.







Brazos County, Texas Locust hopping around. Check out his size!

Whippoorwill night serenade accompanied by other insects in the woods of Freestone County, Texas. Please note, it is only audio because it is dark.

Introducing our new “barn cat” kittens, front to back: Tippy, Frank, and Tiny. They just opened their eyes from their nap when the window was cranked open to take their picture through the screen. They are litter mates.Three golden barn kittens: Tippy, Frank, Tiny resting with eyes open.

Enjoy watching them in playful action:

Our Newfoundland, Mooz, loves to play in dirt, mud, snow, and water. Doesn’t matter if the water is in his water dish or a lake — he loves it! He is such fun to watch swim after a stick. Thought you’d enjoy seeing him in Lake Superior. Note:  Mooz loves fetching sticks out of the lake! He is a powerful swimming.

Below is a busy bumblebee enjoying a nice Grand Marais, MN day among beautiful flowers. This video is best enjoyed with the volume down unless you want to hear Mooz barking and highway traffic.

Found  this Texas Toad chillin’ in my garden. He blends into his surroundings. You can spot him if you look for his pulsing throat.

Ants moving an insect carcass — check out their power and persistence!

Wolf Spider carrying egg sac.

Introducing Ginger and Agate:

Ginger dictates bath time to Agate:

Stumbled on this roadside cow enjoying the grass and she allowed me the privilege of making this video.

Be sure to check back for new additions to the Critter Page.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy!