Southern Waffles Satisfy

These waffles turned out great. Give this recipe a try as is, with our changes, or tweak to your taste.

New to me recipe book and a new waffle iron were the perfect combination . . . Two waffles on a pottery plate in top of stove.. . . for Pete to try out this Southern Waffles recipe from “100 Southern Recipes.”

Check out the face page. Face Page of “100 Southern Recipes”This was published by the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers and copyrighted in 1938. Additional information about “100 Southern Recipes” including 1938 copyright.
The cost was $1.00 back in the day.

Remember, Pete guy cooks and we substitute ingredients for what we have on hand. Changes made to the recipe were:

**Einkorn flour instead of white flour
**Omitted the salt
**2 1/2 eggs worth of Thrive Life Scrambled Egg Mix since no eggs were on hand
**1 cup whipping cream instead of sweet milk
**5 T butter instead of 4 T margarine (never too much butter)
**Added water as needed for consistencySouthern Waffles recipe

Batter being poured into 2 square waffle maker Even if Pete would have used eggs, he would not have separated the egg whites and yolks per the recipe. For waffles and pancakes he just throws all the ingredients in a bowl and mixes them.

These waffles turned out great. They were fluffy and we enjoyed them for supper. Give this recipe a try as is, with our changes, or tweak to your taste. Waffles work for breakfast, lunch, supper or even for a snack. They are pretty versatile!Front of "100 Southern Recipes"

We enjoy butter and maple syrup—the real stuff. HOWEVER, we gauge the amount we pour on a waffle so as to be able to eat it all. Swimming your waffle in syrup that gets left on your plate is not allowed at our house. What do you like to put on your waffles?

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