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When you look at this recipe, you might think it will make a small batch. Beware, a double batch was a lot of soup! This is an easy, creamy soup that you can tweak for your tastes.

Here is a new recipe for you from a vintage cookbook as previously promised.  I found this while waiting for our breakfast at Dumas Walker Pepper & Pie Co. in Brenham, TX. This soup sounded easy and I love avocados. You can check out my blog on Dumas Walker’s, and remember to schedule a visit when you are in that neck of the woods. It is worth it!

Ole SA Cookbook cover

I changed the recipe up a bit to suit my tastes and what I had on hand.  I scooped out and rehydrated my Thrive Life freeze dried veggies.  I used mushrooms, onions, and celery that I microwaved and let cool before adding to my mixture. Next, I blended the avocado, cream, lime juice (from the plastic lime), cilantro, and of course my veggies.

Since I didn’t have chicken broth on hand this was a vegetarian version using water for liquid. No salt on hand either so I used Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.

When you look at this recipe, you might think it will make a small batch and double it like I did.  Beware, a double batch was a lot of soup!

Avocado soup recipe

Take-aways from this trial run: use less cream, have salt and pepper on hand, and experiment to spice it up.

I loved the texture and creaminess of the soup, but again I love avocados. This easy, cold soup could easily become a staple in my recipe repertoire once I get the spicing down. Any suggestions?

My husband would rather have this soup hot. You can try it both ways and decide. Hot or cold?

picture of avocado soup in pottery bowl with spoon

Remember, I will be sharing more vintage cookbook recipes with you.

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