Pie Crust Pizza with Freeze Dried Toppings

Deciding to make pizza is usually a spur of the moment meal choice. Keeping freeze dried foods on hand comes in quite handy.

Pizza on cast iron griddle with freeze dried food cans in background.So, what do you do with an extra pie crust?

Trying out a new pie crust recipe provided me with two crusts because I cut the original Hotwater Pie Crust recipe down to one third of its yield. I only wanted to make one pie  as we didn’t need to have two on hand in the house.

We had already decided to make pizza for supper and I was going to make my usual yeast crust. Thinking out loud to my husband and debating if this whole wheat crust would freeze well brought the solution to light. We would use the pie crust for the base of the pizza—why not? To give credit where it is due, it was my husband’s idea.Pie dough on a cast iron griddle with rolling pin, butter, and cup in background.

Deciding to make pizza is usually a spur of the moment meal choice because we are in a “pizza mood.” Keeping freeze dried foods on hand comes in quite handy on these occasions. We just grab our cans of ingredients and start our pizza. Our freeze dried ingredients were: tomato dices, ground beef, mushrooms, onions and cheese.

Freeze dried tomato dices in blender cup, bowl with cooked and freeze dried ground beef, mixer, can of freeze dried food and measuring cup on counter.

We put our freeze dried ingredients in water to reconstitute (except for the tomato dices). Since we were out of the spaghetti sauce we normally use, Pete got creative again. He took 2 1/2 cups of tomato dices and ground them up in the Ninja blender to which he added Greek salad dressing and water. He used sufficient amounts of each to get the taste and texture he wanted for the pizza sauce. As usual, he didn’t measure. He “guy cooks.”

Pie crust on cast iron griddle with sauce, ground beef, mushrooms and onions

To our whole wheat pie crust we added the Tomato Greek pizza sauce, cooked ground beef, mushrooms, onion, and finally the cheese. Pie crust on cast iron griddle with sauce, ground beef, mushrooms, onions and cheeseUsing cooked, freeze dried ground beef saves the time and mess of cooking the hamburger first. Also, the vegetables were already cut and the cheese shredded. You do have to get use to how much water to add to correctly reconstitute freeze dried foods though. I had a bit too much water in the cheese so I squeezed it out into the container as I scooped it up to put on the pizza. The cats loved the cheesey water— nothing went to waste!


The pizza turned out great. We were able to cut and plate slices but needed to use a fork rather than hand to eat the pizza. You probably noticed that’s we didn’t use the traditional pizza pan. Our cast iron griddle doubles nicely for a pizza pan. This will be a do again meal!


Living in a rural setting with the nearest grocery store 20 minutes away lends itself to keeping freeze dried foods on hand. In addition to being a prep time saver, freeze dried foods offer great nutrition. Here is the disclaimer: my husband and I sell freeze dried foods because it is a product that we use and that tastes great. If interested, feel free to check out our website at CanoeCountryFood.ThriveLife.com. If not, that’s ok too. I hope you’ll consider trying the pie crust for pizza dough sometime or that this brainstormed solution will lead you to one of your own when faced with a food dilemma.


Oh, I want to mention another idea for extra pie crust. I usually do this with just the little bit of leftover dough. Gather the leftover dough bits and ball them up so you can roll out into one smaller crust. Place this crust on a greased baking sheet. Next, spread melted butter on the crust followed by cinnamon and sugar. Bake along with your pie until the crust is as brown as you want. Do note that this crust will be done much quicker than your pie—keep an eye on it. Eat it warm out of the oven or cool down for a treat later. Enjoy!

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