Pecan Pie with No Fuss Crust

The pie turned out nicely . . . kind of like a pie bar.

Pie on cooling rack Want a recipe for an easy to make pie that makes its own crust?

It only has 5 ingredients plus your grease for the pie pan.

This recipe comes from the Buckner Heritage CookbookBuckner Heritage Cookbook cover page that I tripped across while eating at Dumas Walker’s Pepper and Pie Company restaurant in Brenham, TX. They have THE best biscuits. Check out the blog post for more about Dumas Walker’s.

Mixing bowl with beaten egg whites, sugar just added and mixer resting on side of bowlI just followed the recipe and beat the egg whites till foamy and added the sugar. I used powdered Thrive Life vanilla. Cutting board with open sleeve of Ritz crackers, measuring cup of pecans, knife, Ninja blender blade separate from cup with crushed Ritz crackers To crunch up my 22 Ritz crackers, I used my Ninja blender. I may have pulverized the crackers too much. Added nuts and crushed ritz crackers to beaten egg whites and sugar in mixing bowlNext time, I’ll need to not make the crumbs so fine and/or add a few more crackers.Pie mixture in pie pan

The pie turned out nicely. While it wasn’t fancy or the typical double crusted pastry pie, it had a good taste. It seemed to definitely form a top crust and was kind of like a pie bar.Pecan Pie recipe

This would make a great picnic pie, surprise company dessert, or an easy late night snack fix. Close up of pie with one piece removed from pie panOf course, you could dress it up with your choice of toppings such as chocolate, caramel, and/or ice cream! What easy to fix desserts do you enjoy?

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