Sweet Tooth Satisfaction at The Original Fried Pie Shop

Offering fruit, cream, breakfast, or supper pies. The crust is firm and nicely browned. Check out their website to drool over pie pictures and find a location near you!

Blackberry fried pie on a pottery plate with several bites taken off it.The Original Fried Pie Shop

2303 E. Malone Avenue
Sikeston MO 63801

We literally tripped across this little shop and were so glad we did. Actually, we were going to Lambert’s Café and missed our turn. Due to circumstances we scratched our plan to go to Lambert’s and then decided to cut through Sikeston to double back and grab a bite at Lambert’s. We weren’t on a strict schedule. First, we had to refuel and stopped at the gas mart that also housed this shop. We weren’t going to even go inside, but changed our minds.Display case for fried pies with employee behind case.

Note that we were going to eat lunch at Lambert’s which has the All You Can Eat Pass Arounds. (Watch for a future blog on Lambert’s.) We weren’t in the market to eat pie right then. We did sample a fried apple pie which was fabulous. We bought 3 pies to go.

Inside of shop showing table and chair seating.Venue: The Original Fried Pie Shop is part of a gas station stop in Sikeston, Missouri. After looking at their website, I learned they are a franchise. Check out their website to find a location near you and to drool over the pie pictures.

Atmosphere: Diner décor type setting with tables and chairs to dine in if you wish. You can custom order your pie and they’ll fry it up hot right then.

Food Fare: Fried pies of all varieties. Fruit, cream, breakfast, or supper pies. The crust is firm and nicely browned.Counter and menu board and inside shop

Recommendations: Try the sample on the counter. These pies are large. Buy several so you can enjoy by sharing at the time of purchase and also take some home to freeze for later. We had one in the freezer for a short time and pulled it to enjoy. The blackberry pie just short of frozen was delicious! You can warm them up in the oven, but a microwave is not recommended to prevent them from getting soggy.

Service: Friendly and quick service. We selected 3 pies from the display case.

Return Rating: Definitely!

Sign in shop thanking and inviting customers back and asking for contact info for future communication.

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