Navarro Donuts — You Deserve a Donut!

Everything looked delicious. The apple fritter was thin but slightly crunchy on the outside. The taste of apple was prominent.

Two glazed apple fritters on a plate.

Driving through Texas, you will notice that there are a lot of donut shops. These are open early morning to mid-afternoon at the latest.

If you want a late night donut, you better plan ahead or get it at the grocery store.

Navarro Donuts storefront.

We found a really great donut shop in Corsicana if you happen to be in that area. Walking in you notice the cases with donuts and the smiling person behind the cases.

On Pete’s first visit to this shop, he opened the door for an older couple going in at the same time. Pete asked if he was taking her out for breakfast and the gentleman commented he thought Pete was buying. So, Pete did. The gentleman sputtered that Pete couldn’t buy him breakfast because he didn’t know him. So, after an introduction and handshake Pete bought his coffee and her donut. There are friendly folks in Texas!Product case in donut shop.

Venue: Drive through or walk-in donut shop.

Atmosphere: Typical small donut shop atmosphere with cases to display donuts and other goodies along with table or booth seating.

Food Fare: Donuts, apple fritters, kolaches, and other goodies. The kolaches are not the fruit filled pastries of the northern Midwest, but a sausage in dough—what we call “a pig in a blanket.” Product case in donut shop.Everything looked delicious. We bought an old fashioned donut no icing and 2 apple fritters. We really enjoyed both choices. The apple fritter was thin but slightly crunchy on the outside. The taste of apple was prominent. Very good! The glaze tasted good but as with most donut shops too much is put on.

Recommendations: Definitely eat an apple fritter! Select a few donuts to carry out for later. We bought 2 apple fritters for Pete’s folks in Illinois. Four days later one was enjoyed cold and one microwaved. Both parents were happy with their fritter.

Service: Friendly.

Return Rating: Definitely! I live their sacks — “You deserve a donut.”Picture of sack that says, “You deserve a donut” and has a pink donut on it.

Navarro Donuts, 3553 W. State Highway 31, Corsicana, Texas

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