Cayuga Texas Grill & Country Store

Quality food at small town gas stations is not common. Food was made when ordered and sandwich buns were toasted on the grill.

Bacon burger in basket with French fries on tin foil and bottle of Diet Coke all sitting on a tableCayuga Texas Grill & Country Store

US 287
Cayuga, Texas

Venue: A back road truck stop. While not as fancy as TA or Love’s, it is quite serviceable.

Atmosphere: Small town gas station, convenience store that also sells hot food that is made to order. There are actually a good many tables for its size.Tables and chairs in dining area of gas station. Plants are in window to left of seating area and products are on back wall.

Food Fare: We enjoyed a bbq sandwich, large fry, and bacon cheeseburger with 2 Diet Coke’s for $16.62. Not a bad price and the food was made when ordered. Both sandwiches had buns toasted on the grill and the sweet bbq was hot (with heat).

Barbeque sandwich on styrofoam plate and bottle of Diet Coke sitting on a table.Recommendations: Bathrooms were located behind the building and you have to walk outside to get to them. The workers were friendly and our food was received as ordered. Grab your drinks of choice from the cooler.

Service: Order and pay at the counter, and food is delivered to your table.Cayuga Texas Grill and Country Store sign. Has a yellow smiley face with a cowboy hat and says, "Come On In . . . "

Return Rating: Yes, if hungry and going by. Quality food at small town gas stations are not common. We need to remember this one.Cayuga Texas Grill & Country Store metal building with overhang of gas pump

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